Double Whammy Forte Friday – Serena Ryder & Rita MacNeil

The pressure (from myself) is on as I have been attempting to write about these two ladies for the past week.  Rita MacNeil and Serena Ryder have been an inspiration to me in my past and present and I only just realized a connection between the two this week.


Serena & Rita with their Juno’s!

With Rita MacNeil’s passing this week, I found myself reminiscing with my mom over the phone about the times when I was much MUCH younger, sitting in front of the television watching ‘Rita and Friends’ or the Rita MacNeil Christmas special admiring her colourful outfits. At the time I did not know the struggles she had been through to get where she was and when I started doing a little research I began to discover a connection not only between Rita and Serena, but also between music and overall happiness. These virtuosas used music to push away the dark clouds, like sexual abuse and depression that shadowed their talent and broke free to a place where they were in control and inspiring others to do the same. We all have times in our lives when we are looking for more control and meaning, and for me I think that music can awaken our creativity, I usually find myself creating much more delicious recipes when I listen to music in the kitchen!

Nick and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the Serena Ryder concert at the Danforth Music Hall last Thursday night (April 11th, 2013), and WOW did she ever electrify the entire audience. Nick who has just recently been acquainted to Serena since the release of her album ‘Harmony’ kept poking my shoulder exclaiming: “Her voice is AMAZING!” Since 2009, I have been dabbling in and out of Serena’s music, as I have always been a fan of the Alternative Rock and Folk music scene.  I am so extremely happy to see that she has finally been recognized by more audiences inside and outside of Canada.

Below I have compiled some inspiring interviews and music videos from these two Canadian stars, enjoy!


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