Forte Friday – Mindil Beach Markets

This week while enjoying my routine morning coffee with a side of Canada AM (my routine morning show), I was introduced to Mindil Beach Markets, a band from Victoria, B.C, with dual capacity.

Mindil Beach Markets is not only a great rock and roll band, with a touch of funk, hip-hop and reggae, but a cause. The cause that they are educating their fans and audiences on is called ‘The Jellyfish Project‘, the focus of this initiative is to educate us about “declining health of our world’s oceans and our environment at large”.

My life views of improving our environment in order to maintain a healthy life for humans, animals and nature, only makes this band/cause that much more meaningful to me. It is inspiring to see a young Canadian band taking the initiative to speak on these world issues while on stage and in the spotlight; what a creative cause!

mbm mbmbandlot

I am off to listen to some of the free downloads I got from MBM’s website!

Check out their Music below!

Mindil Beach Markets @ Canada AM


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