Forte Fridays – Stars @TheDanforthMH

Stars yukonblonde

This past Wednesday, March 20th, Nick and I attended the Stars (@youarestars) & Yukon Blonde (@yukonblonde) concert at The Danforth Music Hall (@thedanforthmh)! The combination of the two made for an energizing night.

About a month ago Nick and I decided we had to welcome good music back into our lives, so to start we bought tickets for Stars’ concert, Serena Ryder and The Lumineers. We found ourselves missing the feeling of listening to really great music together, which for us means good lyrics, good rhythm and good instrumentals.

I have been a fan of Stars since I was in grade 10, so that is since… 2004! Their music has been there for me when I need to dance, cook, sleep, rock out, cry, or just zone out. Yukon Blonde however is new to me, BUT their performance wowed me, I thumped my feet to the beat, and they without question set a great atmosphere for the Stars’ entrance!

We unfortunately were not able to get tickets on the floor, so we were up in the balcony. Below are some pictures that I took from the night, they are a nice reminder of the warm/colourful atmosphere that mirrored the energetic night!

image (2) image (1) image (4)

Can’t wait for the next time!


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